Writing interests

I am currently interested in writing about issues in contemporary photography concerning corporeality, gender, the mundane, and accretion and accumulation. I also write about contemporary lens-based artists’ depictions of companion animals and the ways that human and animals interact on a daily basis, and photographic images of animal death.

“Tangible Affiliations: Photographic Representations of Touch Between Human and Animal Companions” in Experiencing Animal Minds: An Anthology of Animal-Human Encounters, edited by Julie Smith and Robert W. Mitchell, Columbia University Press, 2012 

The Postmodern Pet: Images of Companion Animals in Contemporary Photography and Video: Thesis, Master of Arts in Art History, California State University, Northridge, 2007

Book review: Flava: Wedge Curatorial Projects (1997-2007) African Arts, Summer 2009 issue

Exhibition review: Passion for the Possible: The Work of Sister Corita, California State University Northridge Art Galleries; THE Magazine, May 2009 

Exhibition review: Yuichi Hibi, Neco, Michael Dawson Gallery THE Week in Art: August 31, 2009: Vol. 1 No. 5 

Minding the Gap: The Artwork of Haruko Tanaka. Published in conjunction with the Cue Art Foundation exhibition January 2007, New York, NY 

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